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Sunday- July 02, 2017

Upon arrival at KGH Emergency Ward at 12:15am the very organized team undressed my wounds and cleaned me up again.

Then after wrapping me with new bandages, told me I was okay to go home and wait for a call from the Community Clinic to have my dressings changed in a day or two.

I'm like - um, I can't go home at 1:20am ... I don't have any shoes, nor do I even have the keys to my house!

They let me stay the night. Thank goodness, I think.

At 7:30am when I awoke, I called Fox and he was at my place so I walked home. Bare feet and all. My hair was all disheveled, my clothes all dirty and full of soot, my arm bandaged up, walking five blocks home. Goodness I must have been a funny sight on the morning after the night before: Canada's 150th Birthday.

Oh Canada!

Peter came in to Kelowna around 9:30am. After we laughed at the whole thing, I grabbed some clean clothes and we went back to Smoker Rd. That's where I am going to heal the best from this!

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