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  • Patti Gordon

Happy 150th Birthday Canada

Peter and I were hanging out at 4:20 Smoker Rd enjoying a beautiful night under the stars while celebrating Canada's birthday, when all of a sudden, as I went to stand up from sitting on the ground, I was drawn into the open fire.

I couldn't stop myself from falling in! I looked at Peter, and Peter looked at me, wide eyed and said: "What can I do to help?"

I replied: "Nothing!"

I knew that although I could not stop myself from falling into the fire, I could be in control of how quickly I got out.

Within a split second of hitting the flames, I engaged my core and pulled myself out of the fire. Fortunately only my right arm was injured.

Peter called 911, grabbed the aloe vera and bag of ice. As we walked 1.5km down from the plateau, down Smoker Rd. toward Hwy 33 to wait for the ambulance, Peter dripped ice cold water on my wounds, which he had already squirted with aloe.

It was quite the adventure! bare foot and all.

The first response team from Beaverdell arrived within 30 minutes of our call to 911. They were amazing ... arriving shortly after 10pm on Canada's birthday they were prepared to take care of me.

Peter's dog Olive would not leave my side. He insisted on sitting on my lap in the first response van until the ambulance arrived. There was nothing more exciting than hearing the ambulance siren coming down Hwy 33 I tell ya.

The ambulance arrived from Kelowna around 11pm. The paramedic (F) removed the bandages that our first response attendant (F) had applied and replaced it with new dressings.

We arrived at KGH at 12:15am on Sunday July 2nd.

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